Dette er noget af det, der driver min passion for at lave hatte. Jeg modtog mailen i går efter det amerikanske ægtepars besøg tidligere på dagen.
This is what drives my passion for making hats. The mail was received from an American couple after their visit to my shop.

“Thanks for taking so much time with us today. Definitely the high point of our time in Copenhagen. It’s been several years since we first wanted to visit your shop, and it was well worth the wait.
My wife looks so fine in her new hat! Thanks also for encouraging me to get out of my shy rut – although I must say it seemed no one noticed my new lid – I felt all eyes were on my lovely wife.
I checked out CPHmade.org. Very cool! I like Ask’s furniture. It must be hard to design a chair in Denmark with the ghosts of so many great designers looking on.

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